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John Gibson FIMI-Founder & MD.

Cars have always been my passion, from the time during my six year apprenticeship on the shop floor, as a technical correspondent, area technical manager and now combining the skills  my years of experience in the automotive industry to develop and distribute THE VUEMATE DL330A in the UK market.

During this career I have seen the introduction of crumple zones, air bags, laminated screens, collapsing steering columns, padded dash designs,seat belts, radial tyres over the years to minimise death and injury during vehicle collisions, which collectively have made a huge contribution in reducing the after effects of an impact. This is real progress in minimising the consequences of a collision

THE VUEMATE DL330A is different, it works pro-actively to identify the signs of a potential road accident, alarming the driver and occupants of a POTENTIAL ACCIDENT BEFORE IT HAPPENS!

Distraction, inattention and fatigue all contribute to a large element in the causes of road traffic accidents, ask any police officer or coroner. This life saving device uses facial recognition technology to map and monitor key indicators that herald danger, already proven in aviation, the mining industry and by professional truck drivers.

As a Qualified Automotive Engineer, working on and around cars, trucks, motorcycles all my career, a past road safety campaigner, working with the police to reduce the bloodbath  of young motorcyclists on our roads, THE VUEMATE DL 330A in my opinion is the ultimate in affordable technology to help stop the carnage BEFORE IT HAPPENS!

Drive safely and lets help put an end to the unnecessary carnage on our roads.

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